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Typically a buyer, mortgage/lending company or local health department will request or require a water test for a home sale transaction. Each of these entities may have different ideas in terms of what the water test should include. Buyers are commonly looking for a more comprehensive test to ensure they are purchasing a home with safe water. We offer two comprehensive test packages for buyers looking for a complete water analysis Watercheck and Watercheck with Pesticide Option. Both tests are reported in a clear and concise format. Turnaround time on these two test packages may take 10-15 business days to complete once the water sample is received at the laboratory. In order to meet the time constraints presented in home transactions, NTL has also developed a series of seven products with a 2-3 day turnaround time. The Quick Seven Series include all the potability items typically requested for a home transaction. Test results are emailed within 2-3 business days of sample receipt at the laboratory. This quick series is extremely helpful for Home Inspectors who are providing a full home inspection for the potential buyer. This quick series not only provides you with a quick glance at the homes water quality, but additionally can offer you insight as to the operability of existing treatment systems within the residence.

In addition to water testing services, we can also provide testing for lead and asbestos in various solid materials such as paint chips, floor and ceiling tiles, soil and other materials. For more information about these services, please call us at 1-800-458-3330

When health departments require testing, they usually have a specific list of parameters that should be included in the analysis. When results are to go to the health department, we recommend compliance testing. Compliance testing is quoted on a case by case basis due to differing requirements. If compliance testing is required, please provide a list of the contaminants required and the state in which the work is to be completed. We will review the necessary certification and issue an official quote within two business days which will include pricing, turn-around-time and any other information pertinent to performing the analysis.

Quality Service
Not only do we offer you the highest quality testing packages and analysis, we also offer you excellent customer service. Our technical representatives hold degrees in Biology, Environmental Geology, General Sciences and Business. The technical service representatives review current regulations and stay in contact with regulators in order to offer informed recommendations to customers concerning their testing needs.

After consulting with one of our representatives, customers are shipped test kits that come with simple instructions to make sample collection and shipment back to our laboratories as easy as possible. Once the sample reaches our laboratory, the highly skilled and trained laboratory technicians are responsible for the processing and analysis of the sample. The laboratory staff and technical representatives are in constant communication so customers are notified immediately of problems or concerns as samples are processed.

As a part of NTL's green initiative, beginning 5/29/2012 we will no longer be mailing copies of our informational test results upon completion, they will be sent via email only. If you still require mailed copies, please contact a Technical Service Representative at 1-800-458-3330. This initiative does NOT affect any commercial and/or regulatory testing at this current time, but will in the future.

Once the results have been sent to the client, please be assured our service does not stop there. Representatives are always available to answer questions regarding the results or to assist in additional testing that may need to be performed. NTL is recognized worldwide for our commitment to quality and customer service.


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