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Analyte Reference Guide
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The National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. network of certified laboratories performs drinking water analysis for customers worldwide according to USEPA and standard methods. We test for compliance and informational purposes and hold certifications across the U.S. The achievement of ISO 17025:2005 accreditation is confirmation of our commitment to providing the highest quality services and support to our customers. Our laboratories successfully participate in USEPA Proficiency Testing Programs.

We offer test packages to meet federal, state, FDA and International Bottled Water Association requirements. Members of our technical staff are contributing members of various IBWA and WQA committees. We maintain memberships in the WQA, AWWA, IBWA, CBWA, NEBWA, SEBWA, TBWA, NSDA, ASHI, FRWA, FWQA, GLWQA, NEHA, American Chemical Society, National Groundwater Association, and National Rural Water Association.

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